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4 Python 2018 LabChain Explorer github


While most people might not know what a block chain is, all should have heared of cryptocurrencies. The most prevelent is Bitcoin and the technology that allows Bitcoin to exist is the block chain.

A block chain is a list of blocks that are linked to each other by storing the hash of the previous block in the current.

The Lab chain

With the target of helping students understand and experiment with block chains the lab chain was born. It’s a basic block chain with a proof of work algorithm.

The block chain explorer

To make it easyer to understand the block chain and the internal data, we developed a website that reads all the within the block chain available data and displays it in a easily readable form. Where possible links were added to make navigating through the chain as easy as possible.


On the toplevel the user can choose to display

  • Overview with statistics
  • List of blocks
  • List of transactions
  • List of addresses


compact informations for visitors with links to the more detailed informations

  • Statistics
  • Last 10 mined blocks
  • Last 5 transactions

Block list

Starting with the latest block all available blocks can be displayed. To reduce the amount of data to send, the system starts with only 10 entries but can be expanded down to the first block.

Transaction list

List of latest transactions expendable till all transactions ever made are displayed

Address list

More detailed informations

When navigating deeper you can find more detailed informations about individual blocks, transactions and addresses

  • Block infos
  • Transaciton infos
  • Address infos