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MGames 1 Windows c++ 2011


The MGames are a library with support for partially transparent rendering on the windows operating System.
The target was to achieve 60 frames per second while rendering with the available power of the cpus and gpus of the system.

Graphics Features:

The renderingsystem combines latest direct2d rendering technics with low level windows library calls to achieve the transparency effect.
To improve performance the system can use gpus and cpus simultaneously and thereby achieve impressive framerates that can outshine normal non transparent rendering

The comfort library:

On top of the graphical base system stands a library that allows developers to build a control based UI with automated scaling and the ability to rotate objects.
To improve the c++ experience it offers a good amount of classes that are based on garbage collected smart pointers.


The game you can see in the picture above is a snake game with multiplayer support and different modes.
During my schooldays we used to play with up to 4 players on one laptop at most lunch breaks.