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Falling Stones 1 Unity 2016 Quiibo Google Play

Entwickler: Jonas Heinrich
Preis: Kostenlos


This is a small game for mobile devices where the player has to evade or collect elements falling from the top


The Player can control the figure by touching the screen on the left or right side of it or if the device is equipped with an acceleration sensor by tilting the device.
To allow playing in tilted state the touch input overwrites the tilt input and will deactivate it until big tilts occur.


Collecting a number of Coins while not getting hit by deadly objects.


There is a big variety of elements that can fall from the top. They variate with the current level and coin count.

Positive Elements:

  • Coin: The player has to collect these to win the game
  • Heal: When collected the player will gain some live
  • Shield: These elements will lie on the ground for several seconds. The player can activate them by entering.
    When activated shields will expand and prevent negative elements from entering the area

Negative Elements:

  • Stone: A disruptive element that blocks the way of the player but can be destroyed by shields or by crashing into other stones
  • Fire: Deals low amount of damage to the player
  • Big Fire: takes more space and is harder to evade and deals a ton of damage if it hits
  • Blue Fire: fast and small with low amount of damage