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Aufstand der Toten 3 Warcraft 3 2009 Undead Castle Defense epicwar.com


This is my Warcraft 3 map that I created with help of a friend and my brother. It is a 10 hero defense map within a city with multiple waves coming at the players till they manage to defeat the endboss

Map Features:

  • 17 Different Heroes
  • 3 Defense areas
  • 12 Waves of enemies + 3 special
  • Controllable doors
  • Respawning heroes
  • AI optimisation for enemies and friendly units


Players can gain different units by saving villagers from the enemies.
There are 4 different types with individual abilities and upgraded.

  • Sniper: Long range shooter with low health but good damage
  • Warier: Melee range fighter with a shield to absorb damage
  • Priest: Healer with anti magic attacks that destroy summoned creatures
  • Builder: Hammer swinging tower building unit with tanks to sit in and fight


While in most modern games players get rewarded for killing enemies,
supportive players tend to get left behind.
The system used on this map is designed with the intend to balance the goldincome of the different rols.
There are tree different points to earn and every point gives 10 gold.

  • Kill: Everytime a unit is killed you get a point
  • Heal: Depending on the strength of the supportive ability used, players will gaine between one tenth and one point
  • Tank: Every hit you take will be counted and will give you one tenth of a point